September 2, 2015

Gallery 18 { Stack or Pile }

I am loving this prompt. It reminds me of stacks of wood being piled up for the upcoming autumn and winter months. My sister was the inspiration behind this one. She told me about her big pile of wood drop off she was getting -- so -- I better see a photo from her in the hashtag pool.

There are a few photos I want to share. This one from a few years ago I snapped in my neighbor's yard. Lucky guy has a wood burning stove.

And then there is this one from the fall of 2011. I love how the fence is lined up. Does it count as a stack or a pile? I'm not sure, but I'm posting it anyway!

And finally, here are a few photos that I chose from the hashtag pool that captured {summer light} and caught my eye. Remember to tag your pics #52photosproject so I can find you on IG + in our Flickr Group. (I check both)

Top Left - @gavanakin

Top Right - @mj_wanderwonder

Bottom Left - @britta_froehling

Thank you to everyone who participated! I'd love to see a lot more photos this week! Look for piles + stacks. Carry your mobile phones + dslr's with you and capture some of that magic - then share it.

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