October 7, 2015

Gallery 23 {Pose with an Umbrella}

Happy October and welcome to a month of fun, quirky, self portraits to get things shakin'. How are you all feeling?
Since the move to Instagram there are only a handful of you who have stayed with me and I thank you (there are also some new friends too!) I absolutely love the photos you submit each and every week. You are a creative bunch, that's how I know we're going to rock this month.

Pose with an umbrella. I'm anticipating funny, awkward, actually ... no expectations, I think this will be an awesome prompt. Here is my first. I have more coming to Instagram:

Me + my girl under the Halloween lights.
Me in somewhat of a cross legged pose.
All dolled up in an app called "Filterloop" <- very fun

+ + + + + + + + + +

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to Gallery 22 {Landscape}
Here are a few standouts:

Middle: @angelagattin



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Unknown said...

I will never leave you.