April 29, 2011

making your blog unique

This is the first post in a series on Photography and Blogging.  Your contributions are welcome!  Email them to bellacirovic@optonline.net

If you have a blog or if you're thinking of starting one, there are two prominent topics I'd love to dig into here that will inevitably come up for you many times over:

- What is it that you want to say or share with your readers?
- How will your website design implement elements of your style?

Here's one simple bit of advice that will never fail you:
Just Be Yourself

Your Content:
Bring yourself to the page from  place of honesty and authenticity.  You are unique and interesting and fabulous all on your own.  Your readers will continue to return to your blog to learn more about you, your work, and small slices of your daily life (if you choose to share them) as long as you show up as YOU.

There is no need to model your writing, your photos, or your website design to look like another person's space.  Choosing the "imitation" route doesn't reveal anything about your personality.  We each want to express ourselves, we want to be heard, and we want want our work to be seen.  You are the only person who can write and share your own story.


Your Site Design:
When it comes to putting together a website or blog, a practice that has helped me is mapping a layout on paper before I begin the design process.  I also try to consider what works and what doesn't in terms colors and the placement of extras like buttons and links. 

In the past I've used brown, orange, or flat mauve colors in my blog designs but what I'm loving right now is bold black & whites with either red or turquoise accent colors ;)

One way to find a design style that drips of your uniqueness is to play with all of the functions and plug ins that your host offers.  Create a free test blog and get carried away with layout ideas or color schemes.  Trick your site out with unique buttons (check out this site for ideas) and a navigation bar that will direct your readers to the different areas of your site.

However you decide to implement your style into your website, that first bit of advice will work into your vision perfectly:  Just Be Yourself

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