April 27, 2011

A time to share {Nourish}

Friends ~ your feedback, emails, tweets, RT's, comments, and sharing ... have been nothing short of amazing!  I am so incredibly humbled by your support for this project that you ALL play such an integral part in.  Like minded people form a community ~ I only created the space for it.  My sincerest thanks still falls short of conveying how mind-blowingly awesome your encouragement has been.

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." ~William Shakespeare

I'd like to share with you a video tutorial I made on how to use the inlinkz widget if you're not familiar with how it works.  You can click here to watch it (this link is also located in the "How it Works" & "FAQ" sections).

Now, let's get to your photos!
Today I welcome you to post your photo for our prompt: {Nourish}  If you missed the prompt post, you can read it here.

Each photo in the pool is click-able and will take you to it's original source (blog or flickr).  Only one submission per person, please!

Nourish - Submitted by: Bella Cirovic

Add your photo by clicking the "add your link" button:


lisa said...

bella you are awesome! i love this project!

xo, lisa

Graciel said...

happy, happy, joy, joy! love it, miss bella!

xo, graciel

deb did it said...

this project is ~nourishing~ my soul...thank you!

Mel said...

So fabulous:)

Suvarna said...

yay, this is fun, I love that we can see the thumbnails, good feature.

Becca said...

Looking through the gallery was the perfect way to end my day. So much nourishment for the soul ...loved it!

Lis said...

I found out about you today from the lovely and inspiring Milena ... I am so excited for this project ... I too am a big Kim Klassen fan (how funny, I resisted using textures in today's pictures; now I wish I had played more!)

and yeah! sun is returning, so I am inspired to pick up my camera after a loooooong winter.

thanks! xo Lis

Cheryl said...

Wonderful project idea!

elizn said...

hi bella--we met at squam in 2009 ( I was in Kelly and Liz and Jenica's cabin); I don't remember if I saw you last september?? I absolutely love this idea! ( and--your interview with Elizabeth was wonderful; it allowed me to catch up on her story. Thanks so much)
I am looking forward to this!!! Yay!!

Karen D said...

Love this Bella, I have wanted to get more active with photo prompts and this is great.

mandy l. smith said...

Bella, this is so wonderful and awesome! I love this photo prompt. I am so glad that I saw Deb's blog post. Then I saw that it was you and had to participate. Thank you! I needed this today :). -mandy