May 4, 2011

A time to share {Color}

I'm so excited to see how you all have captured COLOR this week!  Prompt post is here.

First, a couple of issues I'd like to address from some of the feedback I've been getting:

- When you submit your photo to the gallery pool and it appears on this blog post you will see a little "x" next to your name.  This means that you can delete your photo at anytime (should you want to).

-The link share button will stay open longer, YAY!  The gallery opens today and will close on Sunday when the new prompt goes up.  

-Can I submit a photo from my archives?  Yes you can!!  As long as it works with the theme and it's connected to a URL, you are good to go.

-You can access the galleries from previous weeks via the navigation bar or the cute button I created on the right sidebar.

Here is a link to the video tutorial I made on how to use the inLinkz widget if you're a first timer.

Color ~ Bella Cirovic

Now, you can get to sharing!! Follow @52photosproject on Twitter for updates.  Feel free to tweet or Facebook share this post ~ and thank you all for participating!


Monica said...

thanks for this project!

what'syour time zone btw? it's wednesday noon here!

Bella Cirovic said...

Time zone: EST (NYC)

Mel said...

love all these photos. GORGEOUS!

leonie said...

i love your site and your vision and your beautiful, positive nature.

you rock girlfriend
so awesome what you are doing.

Gill said...

Beautiful things; Live music and the colour red!!