June 24, 2011

how do you say thank you?

We'll take a break from doing a photo assignment today.  I've got something fun for you:  My good friend Kat of Parachute Promise put the word out on Twitter that she needed help with a video project.  I am on a mission to help her make it happen.

Parachute Promise is: "A little company with a very big way to say "thank you" to people in your life that have meant the most. We want to change the way we say thank you...one pin at a time :)"  via facebook.

But it's so much more than that.

Read the story behind what Parachute Promise is.  Have a look at the beautiful necklace and keychains.

Kat has generously given me 4 keychains to give away here at 52 Photos Project in an effort to help her with her video project.

All she asks is that if you win, you agree to take a photo of yourself with your keychain to be used in her video.

The details:  This one is easy.  The first 4 people to comment on this post with their email address - and the word "AGREE" will get a pin keychain.  You understand that by commenting and receiving a keychain you are agreeing to submit a photo of yourslef & the keychain to Kat of Parachute Promise for her video.

(me holding one of the lucky four)

If you're not one of the first 4, please leave a comment sharing how you say 'thank you'.
I will be in touch with the three winners via email sometime later today.

You can connect with Kat on Twitter & Facebook.

4 Winners: Naomi (delhibound), Iamthatlam Publishing, Marie, Milena & Sassy.


Anonymous said...

WOW -- the hair on my arms is standing straight up. What a COOL product, and story behind it.

I'm overseas, so I doubt I'll count to get a pin as a first responder, but I will see if I can get one ordered ... and will spread the word.

They are just gorgeous ...

Bella Cirovic said...

You will get one!!

IamthatIam publishing... said...

ok - let's get this right:
AGREE and grateful, blessings to you~

Marie said...

AWESOME (I wish I could make that totally huge font!)

Milena said...

What a wonderful idea and a lovely opportunity:) AGREE

Sassy said...


deb did it said...

I gifted mine to a friend, who is struggling with sobriety. I am proud of her, and wanted to support her recovery. Maybe she will keep it. maybe she will gift it. No matter what, this is a very powerful project, company and Kat is an amazing woman behind it all.

Kat McCullough said...

ongratulations everyone! Thank you for the wonderful feedback and for being willing to take the photo and help with my project:) A big HUGE thank you to Bella for putting this awesome space together!
And Deb, my lovely soul sister, the first Parachute pins were gifted on my 3 year sober birthday- I will (God willing) be 7 this September. I hope it brings hope and light to your friend whenever she looks at it-this company is just one of the many gifts I received as a result of my sobriety.

elizn said...

Hi Bella--I just ordered a key chain and am looking forward to supporting Kat's cause and company!!