June 13, 2011

Interview: Stefanie Renee

Today I'm sharing my interview with photographer and friend, Stefanie Renee.  She's fun, her photos are amazing, and she rocks the pink bangs like no one else I know.  Last year she took a leap of faith in her creative life that is not only inspiring, but has opened so many avenues for her to explore.  I'm so happy to introduce you to the sassy and fabulous:

-Take me back to beginning of your journey and tell me about how you became interested in photography.

I think it was when I was in my high school photography class; we worked in the darkroom and just seeing that magic happen got me hooked.  But it wasn't until I took a class in college that I really knew it was something I wanted to pursue further.  Even though I didn't officially become a photographer out of college I felt like that's what I wanted to do. Over the years it's been something that I've loved having for myself ~ creating and capturing moments.  After starting a blog and having children it's been something I need.  Honing my eye over the years and experimenting with different camera's, techniques, and being inspired by others has lead me to where I am today.
Photo by: Stefanie Renee

- I know that eventually, you left your day job to pursue your creative endeavors which is a huge and courageous leap.  What lead to your decision and how has your life changed since then?

Wow, yes I did.  It still feels so new and exciting after a year of being self employed.  I started blogging in 2004 and after having my first daughter in 2005 my creative eye expanded so dramatically.  I say that when I gave birth to her, I also gave birth to my creativity.  But it wasn't until after my second daughter was born in 2008 that I really knew I had to move on and create this life I dreamt of.  It took a few years to figure out the details and gain the courage but after going to Squam in 2009 I came back knowing it had to be sooner than later.  I felt I was living a lie, not following my heart.  So, in June of 2010 I walked away from a job after 10 years to pursue living a creative life.  It wasn't an easy decision and it hasn't been an easy year but I have never looked back. Having the freedom to create my life has opened so many other doors that wouldn't of been there had I not followed my heart.
Photo by: Stefanie Renee

- I love that the view of the world through your lens is bright and full of life.  Do you always carry your camera with you and what do you love photographing most?

I try to take some kind of camera with me at all times, there were too many times that I didn't have one and I felt like I missed a beautiful moment.  Whether it be a phone camera, my point and shoot or my DSLR I have one with me at all times.  I struggle with what I love to photograph; it changes..  But I feel like I love to photograph the life around me  ~ from the beautiful flowers, to the light that falls on the ground from the trees, to my daughters playing tag, to city life to bikes parked, to the creative women I meet, to the small details around me.  It all brings me joy.
Photos by: Stefanie Renee

- Imagine in your mind's eye the most beautiful picture you haven't yet taken.  Describe what it looks like.

Ooh, good question.  I want to travel the world, and it would be all the places I haven't been and seeing the ins and outs of each and every place.  How the light casts against the city scape to the sunset and sunrises all over the world.  I also imagine photographing women from all over the world ~ really seeing their beauty and essence.
Photo by: Stefanie Renee

- Would you share the links to photographers, courses, or books that have inspired you or helped you improve your skills.

Anne Hamersky has been such a mentor to me over the past year and her people photography is one of the best.
Andrea Scher and Jen Gray have been inspirations ever since the beginning.
Tracey Clark taught at Teahouse Studio and I love her!  Her eye and the way she sees the world is a true inspiration! (Shutter Sisters)
So many different photographers on Flickr; I often get lost while cruising around Flickr.

Thank you, Stef for sharing a bit of your journey here today.  I only see good things ahead for you.

Stefanie Reneé is a mother, joy-seeker and also one of the founders of Teahouse Studio.  You can often find her at the beach with her two daughters, wandering the streets shooting the world around her or creating art at Teahouse Studio.

You can connect with her via her blog, flickr, her etsy shop, or through her fantastic new creative venture: Teahouse Studio


jen gray said...

love stef! secretly wishing she would move back to the midwest so i could see her more!!! xo

urban muser said...

great interview. so inspiring!

Donna Wynn (Yogiknitgirl) said...

How I love Stefanie . . . so blessed to have shared time with her at Squam by the Sea . . . I am truly amazed at her talents and yet she has the most beautiful and humbling spirit! Great interview for today Bella, thank you! This was such a treat.

Stef said...

oooh! thank you Bella for this opportunity and for all the kind words above - you are all such inspirations!!


lisa said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful bit of stef! we love her and her art!!!

Elizabeth MacCrellish said...

oooh! LOVE this-- great interview Bella with the bodacious STEF!!! She rocks the house and what I cherish is how open she is-- the vulnerabilty with the confidence-- it slays me every time! oxox, E