June 15, 2011

A time to share { What's outside the window? }

Sometimes I feel like I live in the boonies.  In my house, I have almost non-existent cell phone service and each morning I wake up to the sound of a woodpecker - pecking at the outside of my bedroom window.  My backyard is a forest that is home to multiple packs of deer, a family of not so shy raccoons, a red fox, wild bunnies, and I swear to you - turtles (there is a river and a lake just beyond the forest).  Rural?  Hardly.  Just a quiet spot by the river, at the end of a very long street in metro suburbia where life is busy, busy.  Which is why I've come to really appreciate the view from my dining room / work space:

It's green in every direction.

The gallery will stay open for a week, so you have plenty of time to share a pic.  If you're not familiar with the photo share widget, you can watch a video tutorial I made here.  If you'd like a button for your blog, they can be found up in the navigation bar.  You can also sign up to receive the newsletter for weekly updates.  Your tweets & Facebook shares are much appreciated!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you found outside the window.


urban muser said...

love your view. so calm and peaceful, very different from mine :)

Gill said...

i too. (love your view!) green is my heart and soul. love this time of year!
tink! i raise my tea mug to toast you and your 52 photos...you've helped me grow these last few weeks. i'm making more of an effort to challenge myself...i was getting lost in the world of my business up to that point.
so, thank YOU.

kadfoto said...

What a lovely and peaceful view, and location.

Anonymous said...

I would love a pack of not so shy raccoons in my back yard. All we get are squirrels and a rogue cat or two.

But! We did have an armadillo pay us a visit a couple years ago. : )

Thank you for putting this project out here--I'm a few weeks late for the beginning, but really enjoyed these last two prompts. Hope you have a happy Wednesday!

Cheryl said...

Almost looks like mine. Great prompt.

Anonymous said...

Bella, what serene surrounding. So lushes and beautiful.
Love from Eva

Leovi said...

Nice view that there is at this window

Karen D said...

loving all the green, we have a lot of green in our neck of the woods also.

Alexa said...

This is lovely! Though I do have some green outside my window here in Brooklyn, all the fauna is mostly of the nasty rodent variety. :~}