July 11, 2011

Interview: Karen Delaney

I connected with Karen Delaney through some of the online photography courses we've participated in over the last year.  She is on a journey of self-discovery and she's using her camera to guide her through. 

I asked Karen to be the first instant interview I'm testing out and she was more than up to the challenge.  The instant interview is a themed series of questions answered with a photo.  

Theme: What I love

The reason I smile first thing in the morning:
Phil and Bella

A place that I love to visit:
The outdoors,especially around trees.
  Even on an overcast day I can filter
 through iphone and bring out the lush green of the trees.

A treat I love to gift myself:
Books!  I am a big fan of the written word.

The time of day I most enjoy:
Right after the sun goes down.

The substance of what nourishes me:
Lately, courage, compassion and faith
that things will work out.

A color that brightens my world:
 blue, all shades and add some puffy white clouds
against a blue sky and I am in heaven.

I would also love to share what I think are my best photos highlighting the iphone filtering. These two pictures were taken minutes of each other, yet with filtering and slightly different angles they show two completely different moods:

Thank you Karen, for sharing your process and pieces of your journey!

Bio:  I am a woman in her mid-40’s who is currently on a healing journey back to self through words and images.   You can connect with me through my blog: Journey Back to Self.


Karen D said...
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Karen D said...

Thanks Bella, I had so much fun doing this and even learned a thing or two about myself.


kelly barton said...

mmmmm....i love this. karen your images are gorgeous as is your story.

just got my camera back out after a long hiatus. ready to fill my little pockets.

Lis said...

I love the idea of doing a photo interview and I love seeing Karen's life through her lens! Such beautiful, meditative pieces ... captures the depth and spirit of the artist ♥
xo Lis

Bella Cirovic said...

Yay! Karen, thank you so much for kick starting this alternative to the standard interviews.
You are a doll!

Liz said...

Love this! Beautiful photos, Karen:)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Absolutely cool concept!
Karen is a great photographer with an excellent eye for composition and super skills on using her iPhone tools.

urban muser said...

Love this. Great interview and beautiful photos!

Lily said...

Oh love the photo interview with Karen! Great shots.