July 15, 2011

photo assignment: give over exposed pictures a new look

I'm chasing light with Vivienne McMaster this month in her Light Hunters course, which has given me an opportunity to study and capture sunlight at all different times of the day.  Some of the pictures I've taken are either too white or over exposed by the mid-day sun.  I've been on a mission to figure out how to save these pictures because there are a few beauties in my stash :)

Here's an example:

I love the colors in this one but the sun is way too strong.  I tried boosting the color and converting to black and white.  Both options were a no go.

Here's an option that can work:

Give your photo some tint:  Using the free tint effect in Picnik, choose a warm color to wash out the harshness and soften the look and feel of your pic.  Move on down to the advanced modes and test out the different settings.   

I love the shabby, antique look the tint gave this once jewel colored picture - and I'd love to see what look you can give an over exposed image using this effect.

Assignment:  Bring a too-sunny, over exposed picture back to life using tint.  Come back to this post and share the link to your work in the comments.


juliana_baby said...

what a fantastic idea! you're right on about the pile of overexposed photos! this is a fantastic idea...off to play...

urban muser said...

great post. i love all these ideas you always have for us!

mandy l. smith said...

Great photo assignment, Bella! I tried it with a photo I just took today - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mandylinnsmith/5948145169/in/photostream. It came out okay, but I will have to try with some other photos. :)

leonie said...

beautiful adjustments bella!