July 22, 2011

photo assignment: one subject at different angles

The idea behind this week's assignment comes from the PhotoFocus site:

Find a common object and make 12 distinct photos of it. Change the angle, light, lens, etc. Shoot it several ways. See if any visual themes evolve from this exercise.
You can try this assignment inside your house or out and about in town.  It's a great opportunity to practice perspective and perfect for switching out of auto mode to play with your manual camera settings.
All of the photo assignments are now in one place up in the nav bar.  As always, there is no deadline with these assignments - it's a work at your own pace project.  When you're ready, you can access this post through the assignment page and leave a link to your work in the comment section.

Here are a few examples of your work from previous assignments:
Let someone else take the pictures: Deb
Do you duo tone: Amanda
Put your work on display: Kirsten
Expanding your color boundaries: Deb
Pushing through hesitation: Meri
Give over exposed pictures a new look: Mandy


{krista} said...

This was a fun one!


Anonymous said...

great one! will work on it when i get back home next week!

mandy l. smith said...

Fun! I will work on it. Thanks for using one of mine as an example. I feel like a student that just got a gold star :)

Anonymous said...

Ok - mine is here ::