July 20, 2011

A time to share { the table at meal time }

I haven't had dinner guests in so long and that's because I just can't stand cooking in hot and humid weather.  So what a treat it was to have my sister come over for a bite to eat before we went out to shop.  I put two small plates of salad and grilled vegetables with cheeses together, a fresh loaf of bread and some cold drinks. It colored up my table with good conversation and laughter, exactly what the rooms of my home had been missing all summer!

I'd love to see your table at meal time!

This gallery will stay open for a week giving you enough time to submit a photo.  If it's your first time visiting, please read the FAQ's.  Remember: 1 photo per person & try to keep it along the lines of the prompt.  I'll be doing a little re-design on this site over the weekend (currently no share buttons!) so your tweets & Facebook shares have been so very appreciated!

OK, here you go:


Gill said...

Ah fresh thick slices of tomato...looks so delicious Bella! Is that a caprese salad or a burger topping? Tomatoes are so versatile. xoxo Pretty shot!

Cheryl said...

Summer salads are so colourful. Your meal looks divine.

Bella Cirovic said...

Gillian -> caprese salad!! A fave of ours in the summertime :)

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze said...

Nice to see all that yummy food! :) LG Tina
I´m following you! :)

leonie wise said...

bella... if you love caprese salad, i have another fab one for you. will email through in a minute

peggy gatto said...

I just posted my meal !

I will try to get linky to work, he must be cranky now!!!

deb did it said...

I want to sit at your table with you...YUM