September 12, 2011

just 1 picture: Urban Muser

I try so hard to stay on the right path,
whatever that is, whatever that means.

But some days I just look up at the sky and twirl,
moving forward in the direction where my feet land.
Step by step, my toes point the way towards the unknown.

Photo and Writing courtesy of: Christy who blogs at Urban Muser. Christy lives in New York City where she can by found wandering the streets with her dog's leash in one hand, her camera in the other. This self portrait was taken and processed with her favorite camera, her iPhone 3GS.


deb did it said...

oh how much do I love this...??
I wanna twirl with you, float high above it all, and land softly towards my next, new, unfolding journey!!

urban muser said...

hey bella, thanks for sharing my twirly photo today!

Bella Cirovic said...
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Bella Cirovic said...

My pleasure! I adore these twirly shots :)

Gill said...

oh goodness I've just picked up my old dslr because for the last year and a half my favourite camera has been the hundreds of cameras within my iPhone too.
i love how this photography world we twirl in is evolving so brilliantly...!
great photos Christy.

Nancy said...

This twirly photo is awesome -- and so is Christy. :) Love!!

Kirsten said...

Just wonderful!