October 24, 2011

Just 1 Picture: Cathleen Delia Mulrooney

Bottomed out, lost beneath, gravitational pull breaking a fierce longing for flight.
Deep breath—momentary pause—sinking into earth, acceptance.
This dark place is where my roots are.
From the shadows & substance of right here, right now, 
I can look up to see the blue promise of sky…aloft.

Cathleen Delia Mulrooney is a writer, teacher, and editor. Her poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and reviews have appeared in a variety of online and print publications. She is Editor of the Columns Department for Literary Mama Magazine and participates in a personal daily photo project.  To connect or read more of her writing, visit her website.


melissa said...

Love her words...and her photo.

IamthatIam publishing... said...

Incredible. . .perfect and amazing. I'm stunned in a way, actually.