November 18, 2011

Photo Assignment: Photowalkin' & Updates


When was the last time you took a photowalk, just because?
When was the last time you took 30 minutes just for you to:
breathe in the fresh air,
notice the colors & textures that surround you,
snapped a couple of shots for fun?

Inspiration:  Check out this post by Vivienne McMaster.

I would love to see what your world looks like, right now.
Add your photos to the flickr group.

Photo Assignment: Lensbaby, how to fake it (10/7/2011)
Created by: Cyberpackrat

She is a new player & participant!

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Seraphinas Phantasie said...

This is a wonderful inspiration and a fantastic photo. Thank you !

LB said...

Oooo, I am so doing this. Its like you read my mind. It's on my list for this weekend. :)

Heather Mattern said...

Beautiful!! I love these little photo dates, I'm planning another one today. Thank you for the inspiration.

aka Jules said...

thanks for the inspiration....

Janet (cyberpackrat) said...

Loved this assignment! Going outside with the 'intention' truly made me open to what I might find in my own yard at this time of year!