January 2, 2012

Interview: LB

I'm excited to share this 1st interview of 2012 with you all! I connected with LB right here at 52 Photos Project. She is a big supporter and a fantastic photographer. Her work reminds me to pause and remember that yes, anything is possible. Please meet:

Take me back to the beginning of your photographic journey and tell me about how you became interested in photography?

I have always been interested in looking at pictures I love the way they can capture a single moment, sort of freeze it in time. Hold it even when our memories begin to fade. I started to think why not make my own for others to look at? I had a green One Shot Polaroid when I was a child and thought it was THE coolest thing EVER! When I was a teenager I ALWAYS had a disposable camera on me. I can’t tell you how much money I spent on those things and getting the film developed and back then it was so inexpensive. I moved up to a Canon “point and shoot” camera and started to branch out a bit more, taking pictures of anything and everything. Then a couple of years ago I got my first DSLR a Canon Rebel TSI, a “beginners” model, but I was in love. Then came the IPhone and I’ve been a picture taking fool ever since. I just can’t get enough.

Do you always carry your camera with you and what do you love photographing the most?

Yes, I ALWAYS have some sort of camera on me. My iPhone is an easy one but I try to have a backup as well. I carry my Canon or a Polaroid or one of my SLRs with my at all times. You never know when that perfect moment will present itself. You’ll know when you see it and there have been times in the past when I haven’t been able to move fast enough (we’ve all been there) but if you have your equipment at least you know you are prepared.
I love photographing the "everyday" the most. Regular things, objects, exchanges, where I'm standing.  I LOVE to photograph trees and the sky. The sky is probably my favorite. It can change from minute to minute and holds my interest infinitely. It’s beauty is immense and I like the trickiness that is sometimes associated with photographing it.

Imagine in your mind’s eye the beautiful picture you haven’t taken yet. Describe what it looks like.

Wow, this is a tough question. I don’t know because I haven’t taken it yet. I do think some pictures out, stylize them, but mostly I just go with whatever I’m feeling at a particular moment.
I imagine it would be an underwater shot (as I’ve been wanting so badly to do series of these) with a beautiful model with goddess like features and long flowing hair in the most gorgeous gown you’ve ever seen. The blue sky and clouds would be visible and I would want it to evoke a sense of peace and comfort.

What is your photographic comfort zone? If you had to step out of that place for a day, what would you take photos of?

My photographic comfort zone is taking landscape and nature photos and pictures of everyday objects made beautiful. I also love urban shots. I feel so at home taking pictures in the city, architecture, street art, a bit of decay.
If I had to step out of my comfortable place it would probably be taking family portraits. I don’t do many portraits. Not that I wouldn’t want to, I just don’t have that many people to practice on and photographing a family and having to meet their expectations while keeping my artistic vision scares me a bit. I’m open to it, though. Maybe one day.

If you could, share your best photography lesson learned.

The best photography lesson I’ve learned is to “Shoot for Yourself and For No One Else”. Photography is an art form and it is a way to express yourself, your feelings, your thoughts and views. Don’t do it for anyone but you. Shoot what you like and how you like to shoot it. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to branch out and make it your own.

“Photography is the beauty of life, captured.” - Tara Chisholm

Would you mind sharing the names of photographers that inspire you?

I would love to! I have a feature on my blog, Everyday Dreamer, called “Divine Inspiration”, where I like to feature photographers and artists that inspire me. Look for more to come in 2012.

Vivian Maier -Her amazing photos are as beautiful as the story behind them. She was a pioneer in "street" photography. I love that she didn't do it for fame or fortune, simply for the love of photography.  

Tim Walker -A bit surreal, often whimsy, sometimes dark, always begging for a closer look. A clear vision and a real talent. 

Anka Zhuravleva -Anka is a Russian born photographer and artist. Her photography is wildly inspiring to me. It speaks to something in me I can't quite put words to.

LB - thank you for your support, for showing up, and for sharing a slice of your journey here with us today :)

Everyday Dreamer is the lifestyle blog of LB. She is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and lover of all things beautiful. On a journey to find the magic in the everyday, one word, one photo, one smile at a time. She invites you to visit her on her  blog, Everyday Dreamer, follow her on twitter @everydaydreemer or follow her everyday on instagram @everydaydreamer.


melissa said...

Love LB and her photography! Thanks for always interviewing inspiring people!

Karen D said...

Lovely. Loved learning more about your photography journey LB. may our paths cross again.

urban muser said...

Loving the interview LB!! Your photos and your blog are always a bright spot in my day. Thanks Bella for letting us get to know her a little better :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful work from a beyond beautiful soul! I was so lucky to have met her this fall and look forward to our next encounter... sassy and true to self, LB has forever touched my heart.