February 20, 2012

Interview: Libertad Leal

I think it was one of her photographs on flickr that caught my eye ~ and I have been an admirer of her work ever since. Through the lens, she shares the beauty of nature, of love, of real life, and of ordinary moments. I am so, so happy to have her here today. Please welcome: 

When did you begin to develop an interest in photography? Take me back to those first years and if you could, tell me about the paths you explored to expand on your craft?

Photography has always been a love of mine, an art I admired deeply but from afar. I was quite intimidated by cameras as a matter of fact. SLRs seemed complicated and I honestly thought I was not born with the eye for it, so I never tried. Then I met my husband and I discovered that he loved photography too, which was wonderful. I watched him with curiosity over the years as he developed his skills but I wouldn't take the camera out of Auto. As the years went by I found myself trying to tell him to take a picture like this or like that, so finally in the fall of 2009 he bought me my own camera, taught me everything he knew and encouraged me to give it a try. And so I did. In January of 2010 I decided, on a whim, to take Jackie Rueda’s online photography class L’Atelier. That experience made me fall madly in love with photography and it taught me how to see and capture the beauty around me. Since then I have tried to practice and learn more and more everyday.

Do you feel as though your photos reflect or reveal pages of your own story? How so?

I think so. I like to photograph the objects in my home, things that make me happy, the natural beauty that surrounds me, my moods and some of my fantasies. There is a little bit of my story in every one of my pictures.

What do you love to photograph most? If you had to step out of your comfort zone, what would you photograph?

I love to photograph objects that I find beautiful or interesting, nature's details, everyday life and myself. Out of my comfort zone? Portraits. They are so hard for me.

Would you share three of your own tips to capture a great photo with the readers?

* Take many, many photos. Sometimes I take over 100 shots to get ONE I am happy with.
* Be patient, wait for the right light. This is nothing new obviously, but it really makes all the difference.
* Have fun. I think that if you are enjoying yourself you will get images you love.

When do you feel most inspired to go shooting?

During the so called "Magic Hour" or "Golden Hour", about an hour before sunset. It's truly magical to me and I absolutely love it. Even the most mundane things look glorious in that light. When the light is amazing and I don't have my camera I literally suffer. My husband is the same way and we spend the entire time going: "oh, look at this light!", "it's a sin not to have our cameras!", "Oh look, so gorgeous, I am dying here! Stop, stop, I need to take a picture with my phone!" and so on. I know our 9 year old daughter in the back probably wants to roll her eyes so badly, it's pretty funny.

Would you share the links to the photographers or books that have guided or inspired you?

Truth be told I have not read any photography books. I do read a lot about photography online though and this website is a really great resource.
My favorite photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson.
This wonderful photography course is what made me fall in love with photography (in Spanish).
This is not a book or photographer but this video is just brilliant. Very inspirational, I highly recommend it. 
Last but not least, my husband and my Flickr contacts are a great source of inspiration. I am just amazed with their talent.

Thank you, Libertad ~ for sharing parts of your photography journey with us here today :)

My name is Libertad and I am a mother, wife and photographer. I am originally from Venezuela but have called Houston home for many years. I am passionate about photography and I love to capture everyday moments, pretty things and the natural beauty that surrounds me. I truly believe that there is beauty to be found everywhere.
You can follow me on twitter @libertadleal, my blog, and my websiteI am also contributor over at Photographic Project and I have two shops: here & here.

*All photos have been posted with permission from Libertad Leal.


Ninotchka said...

LOVE my friend Libby. Gorgeous inside and out!

Libertad said...
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Libertad said...

Thank you Nino!! You are so sweet.

Thank you again Bella! :)

urban muser said...

fantastic interview bella! i love her work and it's always nice to hear a little more about the person behind the photos.

Libertad said...

Thank you very much Urban Muser! You are so kind!