February 22, 2012

A time to share { What Inspires You, right now...}

Hello, everyone! I'm having a hard time rationalizing how we got to week 44 so quickly?! But here we are, and what this prompt is all about is ~ you!
What's Inspiring You, right now?

Do you paint, take photos, knit, or do all of these? Or maybe none of these? What is it that you enjoy doing? What are you up to, creatively speaking? What's the inspiration behind your next idea or project? 
Right now, we are in the midst of the mildest winter I've known, and I have to tell you... that cornflower blue skies are my thing! I'm thinking of Spring and really needing to have flowers around me. So today, I'll go to the market and pick up a bunch for my dining room table - just to look at, and of course, to photograph.

After linking your photo up here, be sure to share it to the flickr group. Happy linking :)


carol l mckenna said...

Thanks, Bella ~ I agree time has a way of 'fleeting on' ~ enjoy the week ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

Alexa said...

I'm enjoying our warm winter too, and can hardly wait for the flowers to start blooming (and posing for me) in my "backyard" botanic garden.

peggy gatto said...

Right now all the bulbs in the garden are popping up!!!
Flowers always inspire me!!

Dorothy Explora said...

love the concept!