July 1, 2012

Week 11 Prompt

Week 11 theme is brought to you by the lovely Leonie Wise.

often it is easy for us to travel the known way.
we run on autopilot, not really thinking about 
where we are going, because it is all so familiar.
for this week, try a new way. turn left instead of right.
follow a road just to see where it leads you.
what surprises are waiting for you?

Thank you all so much for your condolences, your lovely comments, and emails. It means so much to me. I haven't sat down to my computer in a few days, but today it feels ok. I'm going to check out Gallery 10 {Release} which is filled with your inspiring and fabulous photos. Later on, I'm going to the beach - and I feel like I should bring my camera with me. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. xo Bella


Teena Lurlene said...

Just this morning, a friend posted this with his photo, “I dreamed of a thousand new paths. . . yet I woke and walked my old one.” Chinese Proverb

Between this and your beautiful inspiration...I think I better listen! have a beautiful time at the beach.

Anonymous said...

I hope you found your release at the beach with your camera and that your heart found a reason to smile again. hugs accross the ocean. xxo

annie said...

May you have peace and comfort as you walk this tough path. Thinking of you in your loss...

annie said...

Teena, your quote inspired me. I've done something with it. Thank you for the inspiration...

leonie wise said...

I love this quote Teena and have borrowed it as well.
Thanks for sharing it here.