December 14, 2012

Holiday Shopping Galleria!!

Katrin - a regular contributor here - is hosting a December giveaway at her blog!

She writes: Time for another giveaway, isn't it? But this time I'm asking you: 
what would you like to win? A poster from my etsy shop, a print of the month,
some paper art object, a skull ... what did you see on this blog?
 what you would like to get? 
Leave a comment, and you might be the lucky winner 
of the December giveaway!

Click here to comment for your chance to win.

I'd love to offer YOU a chance to share the link to your storefront for the holiday season!

I am opening up a special Shopping Galleria right here in this post!

Do you have an online shop where you sell your prints and or handmade goods? Link it up here! I will be sharing the news by tweeting & sharing on Facebook throughout the weekend and all of next week with the hopes of drumming up a few extra holiday sales for you. It is my way of saying thank you for your support here.

The galleria works just like our photo galleries but instead of linking to a blog post or flickr page *Paste in the landing page to your online shop where it says URL*

The Galleria Link up will close on Sunday, Dec. 16th @ midnight EST!

*Everyone is welcome to submit their shop link. Participants, contributors, and interview guests for Year 1 - I'd love to see you link up here!!

(I'm pasting in Katrin's Etsy shop as an example!)


Katrin said...

Dear Bella,

I'm overwhelmed, thank you so much, this means a lot to me!

michelle gd said...

you are so kind...

deb did it said...

Thank you Bella!
Just did!!

cat chin schwartz said...

Happy to promote as well, once it is up and running :)

Stef said...

You so ROCK my darling! xoxo
Thank you!

Unknown said...

thank you so much sweetie. your adorable. one of my best Xmas presents :) xxo

Anonymous said...

The Galleria is such a fabulous idea! Thank you for doing this, for helping spread the word.

urban muser said...

what a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you! I don't have a link up, but just wanted to say what a nice gesture!

Alexa said...

What a lovely thing to do, Bella!