December 16, 2012

Week 35

Hello to you this morning :)

*roads i travel*

Open for interpretation - Would love to see your take on this one!
Gallery 35 will open on Wed. 12/19


**Gallery 34 {What's Cooking?} is still open for submissions!

**There is a holiday shopping galleria for you to browse and shop from. All of the featured shops belong to 52 Photos Project supporters & contributors. 

**This is the season when the Galleries get smaller as we are all busy living life and spending time with our families for the holidays.  I will be posting photo prompts throughout the month on a regular schedule without interruption.  Join in when you can - or come back after a break. I love having you here, and there is no pressure to show up every week.  You can also post your photos on the go for each prompt on Instagram with a 52photosproject tag.

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