April 24, 2013

Gallery 1 {Conversation}

Welcome to week 1. April is a perfect time to start a year long photo project. From Spring to Spring, we will experience all of the seasons and holidays together.

If it's your first time here, WELCOME! I'm Bella, your hostess. All of the answers to your questions (and more about me) can be found by looking through the navigation bar. There are only 2 rules I ask that you follow: Link only 1 photo to the gallery -and- try to keep it related to the prompt.

You can post multiple photos to the flickr group and instagram throughout the week. Some contributors have started sharing photos to the facebook page, which has been a nice change.

What I really love is that we are gathered here because of our love of photography. I hope that by next April, you have a stack of 52 photos in your portfolio that you can be proud of. 

Let's get to sharing:


GalleryJuana said...

I think this might be a first for me to join in on week 1. I love the weekly photo hopping. Thanks for hosting this meme and giving us all a chance to build and convene. It truly is a conversation that I look forward to having!

Cinnamon owl said...

Looks like a nice relaxed moment in the photo, love it.

GizmoGeodog said...

I'm new here...Read about the project on the Cat From Hell's blog today and thought it would be fun to try and complete a whole year

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

You can have conversations with your pets, right? Blessings!

MyMaracas said...

Hello, Bella. I just found your meme via Robin at One Still Frame and thought I'd join the fun.

The folks in your photo do seem to be deep into a discussion. The facial expressions are great.


maxipix said...

Hi Bella,
Looking forward to joining in each week. I love new projects.
Thanks, Maxine

Anonymous said...
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CherryPie said...

I hope they were enjoying themselves :-)

robin. said...

namaste bella.
i look forward to being here for 52 projects!! thanks for hosting.