April 21, 2013

Week 1

Welcome to week 1 at 52 Photos Project!

We will be going deeper with our themes this year so that you can really explore your surroundings with that camera of yours!! You'll notice a some subtle changes, but not too many. Our prompts will still continue to be posted on Sunday and our Galleries will open up on a Wednesday.

Conversation:  I asked Meri (who was a contributor for week 1, year 1) to choose our first prompt. I love this prompt because it holds so many possibilities. A photo of a conversation taking place or a photo that sparks a conversation are just some of the ideas you can explore. Thank you Meri - excellent choice.

I will meet you back here on Wednesday when Gallery 1 {Conversation} opens :)

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*You can connect with Meri via her creative photo site. If you are looking for soul coaching through transitions or if you are navigating your way through a divorce, Meri can help you through the process. 


robin. said...

just found you thru deb taylor. i will be joining you...looking forward to it!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this round as well.