May 24, 2013

Photo Interview: Jenn Gibson

I hope you all had the pleasure of meeting Jenn Gibson last week and learning about her creative offering Breathe Peace

Jenn is the creator of Roots of She and holy smokes is she a great photographer! I invited Jenn to choose 5 photo themes from the last two years and to share her take on the prompts here today. 

It's time for you to meet Jenn Gibson, the photographer.

(All is calm, year 2 week 36) I borrowed this patch of beach for a bit while the farmer's market was in full swing. The blaring music from the '50s. The kids hopped up on warm weather, the promise of the weekend, and sticky cotton candy. The antique muscle cars with loud mufflers and engines. The heckling over prices. This was my oasis, where I sat with the beach and the bay and the sand and the fading sun. I took the deepest of breaths and everything inside of me was calm.

(Giving thanks, year 1 week 31) For long evenings and this sage-scented breeze, for quiet moments on the beach and bird songs, for reclaiming space and this messy life, thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Withering beauty, year 2 week 23) This wasn't always an abandoned shack. This was once someone's home - people lived here and loved here. But now it's empty and overgrown and I wonder why. What happened here?

(A love note, year 1 week 42) A love note. An affirmation. A Truth. A reality. You are. You. Are. Beautiful.

(This is my home, year 1 week 46) This is my home, a tiny little bit of a house that I love and adore. It's my sanctuary, my peace, the place that shelters me in so many ways. And it's been through so much, this house of mine. It's seen blizzards and droughts and sunshine and soft breezes. It had a tree fall on it and in it. It experienced trauma and it healed. It reminded me that no matter what happens, we always heal. My tiny little blue house, oh how I love it.

*Jenn, thank you so much for stepping into your courage and sharing your creative side with us today. It has been a pleasure for me to share your work. xo

Jenn Gibson is a writer, life coach & the creator of Roots of She — a collection of true stories & tender wisdom for women, by women.

As a coach, she focuses on foundational self-care, helping overwhelmed women learn to live simply, and simply live.

She loves yoga, Mexican food and the beach, and is not above stealing snuggles from Bean the Boy Kitten.

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deb did it said...

I adore Jen. I feel a sweet calm as I read this interview. Thank you.