July 26, 2013

Photo Interview: Christina Martin {soul aperture}

I have long admired Christina Martin's photography shared on Flickr and her blog. At some point, we connected through the online social outlets which showed me her deep affection for capturing the beauty that surrounds her using her camera.

I invited Christina to look through the Galleries and to share 5 photos related to any theme she chose. Here is the magic she sent back. I am truly in awe :)

Holding Year 2, Week 29

Vintage Year 2, Week 45

Golden Year 2, Week 26

On the Table Year 2, Week 27

A Ray of Light Year 1, Week 4

Favorite Prompt? "Golden was my favorite prompt. There is no way you can shoot golden without tasting the shot, that's why I chose a pineapple to sum it up."

Thank you Christina for sharing your gorgeous work with the 52 Photos Project audience today! It has been my absolute pleasure to have connected with you and to introduce you to this lovely community. 

Christina Martin {soul aperture} is a believer, mama, wife, reader, photographer and cupcake lover. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her family. Connect with Christina via her blog soul aperture (on hiatus), flickr, or instagram.


robin. said...

i love this outlet, this social outlet, that allows us to find kindred spirits... beautiful souls that we would have never connected with... i don't question the reasons why things happen but rather...delight that they do.
namaste. bella.

Katrin said...

Beautiful pictures, love the colors!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the romantic feel of her work. Blessings!

Unknown said...

I may be just a little bit in love with the pic of the woman holding that book. So much life and power in that simple capture. LOVE it!

deb did it said...

oh this feature makes my mouth water...I always love the feeling I have when I visit Christina's work.She has such a pure and lovely presence.

christina said...

thank you again, Bella. it was beautiful being a part of 52. And such glorious comments. xx.