August 30, 2013

Photo Interview: Jennifer Belthoff

How quickly August has gone by! It's time for our next photo interview, and I am really excited about this one :) I invited Jennifer Belthoff to select 5 photo prompts from the last two years and to share her perspective here at 52 Photos Project. I love how introspective and deep she goes with her writing. She carefully records such beautiful moments in her poetry and stories, so it's no surprise that I am just blown away with what she captured for us today.

Are you ready to be inspired?

I found it on the ground: Year 1, Week 3:

Where we meet: Year 2, Week 3

Roads I travel: Year 2, Week 35:

Growth: Year 2, Week 13:

Look Up: Year 1, Week 27:

What has been your favorite photo prompt so far:  "All of your prompts are fantastic and make me stop and think about my environment. One of my favorites is :: Roads I Travel :: This prompt made me realize how many different roads I travel on each and every day. The "road" from my bed to the bathroom bright and early in the morning. The road to work filled with highways and speeding cars. The "road" through the hallways taking me from one meeting to the next as I learn to use my voice and stand strong in what I believe in. And all the other roads that I travel on in between for different adventures, meeting friends, spending time with family, soaking up time alone, and coming home again and again. Our lives are filled with so many roads and it is these pathways that open us up, provide us incredible opportunities, and twist and turn unexpectedly. These roads are all so different and etch a piece of themselves into my heart day after day.    

*Thank you so much, Jennifer, for saying YES and for sharing your work with us here today. It's my pleasure to feature your beautiful photos here :)

Bio: Jennifer Belthoff is a writer, photographer, and a lover of sending snail mail. She opens up individuals hearts to the power of writing through her Love Notes Post Card Project, as well as in person and online writing workshops.  

You can find her soaking in the sunshine, jotting down stories and thoughts in her journal, riding her bike, and taking photographs along side the love of her life.    

You can connect with Jennifer on her personal blog at 

Come along and join her on her next creation: Love Notes Special Delivery -- An online writing class for writers and non writers designed to uncover the stories we have tucked in our hearts. This five week journey begins on September 15th.  


deb did it said...

I loves me some Jennifer and her Love Note Project! Great comments about her roads and our everyday life. Well said and thought provoking!

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michelle gd said...

always lovely, j :)

Mindy said...

seriously gasped when i scrolled down to "look up". crazy beautiful (just like you)! xoxo