September 1, 2013

Week 20

I do love the mornings, but it is that cozy feeling
when the sun has gone down on another day
that I embrace & lavish in.

I don't often stop to think of everything I've accomplished in one day.
My body works, does it's thing, keeping my heart pumping & the breaths coming in & out.
All this happens in one day - I wonder, how many times?

How many times do I blink? How many trees do I pass on my way to work?
What is the number of times my fingertips hit this keyboard on any given day?

At the end of the day.
What have you accomplished?
How do you feel?
Is there a special ritual you have for unwinding?

Capture what the end of the day looks like for you &
share it here on Wed., Sept. 4th.

Gallery 19 {On the Line} is still open!
Did you see the August photo interview with Jennifer Belthoff ?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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