September 4, 2013

Gallery 20 {At the End of the Day}

I snapped this photo just a few days ago while walking 
my dog. It was the end of a very trying week, and all I wanted
was some quiet time. Walking is so good for me when I'm in my
head and especially when my spirit is feeling immobile. 

Not every day or week is like this, but they do happen
from time to time. I remember looking at the sunset and
thinking: OK, this day is almost over, and I've
got tomorrow as my do over. I was happy to see the end
of that day. The next one was so much better.

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*Both Sunday's theme reveal & today's photo were processed using the Rhonna's Design app. You should check out her site! So inspiring & creative.


Prairie Jill said...

Ah yes, there's nothing like a quiet walk when you want to relax. I also like your idea of tomorrow as a do-over!

robin. said...

keep the do overs coming!! love this Bella!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Thank you for hosting this marvelous blog, Bella. Blessings!

deb did it said...

the end of the day. One of my favorite moments of everyday. I love you Bella.