November 20, 2013

Gallery 31 {My Work}

My work. I have a couple of jobs that I juggle. Office Manager during the day. Photographer (daily) taking on one professional client per month, and now I can add space holder for women looking to connect. I am also mama to Angie, doggie mama to Trixie, domestic goddess, creatrix, idea initiator, trip planner, chauffeur, (I can keep going on....)

The best work I've done comes from the heart with enthusiasm and good intentions. Delicious meals, near perfect photos, house training my puppy... Work is not fun if it's done half assed or without love. That's when it becomes a job. I don't want to know about your job. I want you to share your work, the work you are proud of.

Please add your photo to the flickr group after linking up here. If you're playing along on instagram, please tag your photos #52photosproject ~ please follow me & if I'm not following you back, give me a little nudge to do so!! *Are you new here? Welcome! Please have a look at the "how it works" button in the navigation bar. Happy Sharing!!

*This week's prompt was supposed to be Dessert! You're getting a heads up on what next week will be all about :)


Bing said...

love the idea of a domestic goddess. it sounds nice.

GalleryJuana said...

You make a good point about good intentions and enthusiasm being important and the dividing line between work and a job.

Sweet to hear you've got a puppy and see the photo of you two out for a walk.

Carola said...

Great collection, such a wide variety.
Thanks Bella for your comment, it reminds me to link my post thos eeek too. Hope to participate more often.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I just took my 1st grade GT students on a field trip to the courthouse, and was able to capture the judge hopping with the students to the bus. Therefore, the timing for your theme was perfect. Blessings!