February 25, 2015

Gallery 43 {Black & White}

Taken on our trip last week! 

This week we are sharing Black & White photos or converting a photo to B&W. You choose. After linking up here, please add your photo (plus an unlimited amount of theme related pics) to both the Flickr Gallery + Instagram using hashtag #52photosproject.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to {Orange}! I appreciate your time coming here and sharing your work :)

I am always updated our Twitter + Facebook pages. Find me + friend me there. I do most of my sharing on Instagram (are you on there yet?)


leanne can blog said...

I often visit here, but its been a while since i joined in. thanks ;)

Teri said...

Funny! If you roll the screen back and forth quickly, your ferris wheel looks like it's moving!