June 17, 2011

photo assignment: expanding your color boundaries

I love that you are doing these photo assignments at your own pace because the idea was to keep it flexible and fun without a deadline.  By next week, I'll have all the assignments listed in one place for easier access if you want to refer back to them.  For those of you visiting for the first time, we're up to assignment #4.  Here are the links to the previous assignments:  Let someone else take the pictures - Do you duo-tone? -  Put your work on display.

Today's assignment expands on the ideas & exercises I shared last week: getting to know your work - specifically, the colors that you're drawn to.  As you look through your photo archives, take notice of your color patterns.

I can almost guarantee that the colors you find repeating themselves or playing a predominant role in your archives match your photographic comfort zone.  Mine is nature - the sky, the earth, flora, birds, etc.  

Your assignment is this:  Once you familiarize yourself with your color safety net - consider stepping out of it.  Make an effort to notice new colors, unfamiliar faces & places, different foods, fields, or buildings, an entirely different backdrop than what you're used to.  Try it for a day, a weekend, or whenever you get a chance to snap. Create a before and after collage then come back and share your work (via link) in the comments on this post.  I'll be back myself with an update.  Here is a link to a great collage / mosaic maker.

Quick reminders:  This week's gallery is still open for submissions.  The theme is 'What's outside the window?'  -Big thanks to all the new newsletter subscribers!  The newsletter is sent out once a week with all of the happenings here on the site with a few added extras (great if you miss a post).  You can subscribe by clicking here.  Or you can follow @52photosproject on Twitter.  Happy snapping ~ and see you back here on Sunday.


urban muser said...

a great idea. it will get me thinking in a different direction. thanks!

Sylvia Hall said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and I'm in. I want to play along! I've signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to Sunday :)


deb did it said...


deb did it said...
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deb did it said...

Bella...I love Sundays!!
this assignment has been hard, easy,already been-there-done-that...yet very challenging! I made a sepia collage( previous comment)...out of my color box, since I am crazy about color! This is my collection of collages...http://www.flickr.com/photos/debdidit/sets/72157626872091443/