December 19, 2011

Just 1 Picture: Peggy Gatto

artwork by: Peggy Gato


Peg says: Art has become for me "therapy". I can celebrate happy occasions or work through sad or difficult times by creating art. I love creating special art for others. I often use old family pictures in my pieces and feel good about giving them birth again. Pictures from nature are my favorite subject. I love to laugh,am very sentimental, and cry more happy tears than sad ones. Loyality, honesty, and sharing good things with others is important to me. I enjoy seeing all the new art of artists friends and am learning something new every day! Laughing makes better wrinkles on your face!
You can connect with Peg via her blogs Mixed Up Art and PS I love you.

*This is the last feature in the Just 1 Picture series. The next interview will post on Friday in place of a photo assignment.


IamthatIam publishing... said...

Wow! this is beautiful!!!
I love your perspective of art as a gift, and therapy when necessary, too Peg - that speaks to so many people who don't know what to do when they feel discomfort or pain. I think the message you're spreading is needed all over the world.
Merry Happy Holidays - and so glad Bella did this - I adore your work : ) !

urban muser said...

this is gorgeous!