March 14, 2012

A time to share { Outside of the Lines }

this is how we roll 

*We color & paint outside of them.
*We see one line of prose that stays with us forever.
*We design our living & working spaces using
out of the box ideas.
*We add a pinch of ginger to a recipe 
when it's not called for, just because.
*We take beautiful photos that break all of the rules.

I'm excited to see what you will share :) No rules, no right or wrong. Leap with me by sharing how you blur over and past the confines of the lines.
The gallery will be open for a week. After linking up here, share your photo over at the Flickr group.


Alexa said...

Like your take on the prompt, Bella. (And I'd love to get together in the city or Brooklyn sometime for a good chat!)

carol l mckenna said...

Lots of great photos ~ thanks for hosting again ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ ~ Not sure that many people here are commenting on my blog ~ wondering why? Is this an 'exclusive site?' ~ I comment on everyone's as a rule ~ enjoy the day.

deb did it said...

Bella...this is FUN!
I am a rule-breaker-dare-taker.
Just had to submit my "I am a Rebel" post!
I always add extra and interesting ingredients to my recipes!!
Last night I made brownies with orange peel, cinnamon chipotle and fresh ginger!

Bella Cirovic said...

Dear Carol ~
I sent you a reply by email.xo

peggy gatto said...

what a fun concept, you did a wonderful presentation!!!

Nancy said...

Love the slideshow idea and -- your concept works beautifully. :)

michelle gd said...

bella, love your montage/slide show above.
she saw me explain my vision out loud
...powerful beauty here...