February 1, 2013

spotlight: Kindred

About two weeks ago, I received a copy of Kindred magazine in the mail. It was when I was recovering from the flu and really starting to feel the cabin fever set in, so I was excited to open up this little gem and settle in for an afternoon of reading.

Within 15 minutes, I was on my computer messaging friend and Editor Amanda to call me.  This magazine, this exquisite body of work she and her team put together and sent out into the world was so stunning, I had to give her props by phone.

For this week's spotlight, I chose to share Kindred so that you too may experience storytelling at its finest. 

At Kindred we believe in the power of story to bring people together. We believe stories are written to be shared, to change people, to shape culture, to spark a desire to know and be known. It is in the creation of story in all its forms: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual, and culinary that we celebrate home. In embracing the idea of home, we celebrate the messy, the meaningful, the people, and places we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Every issue of Kindred will offer a carefully curated collection of stories by artists whose work is consistent with the way we feel life should be: connected, natural, simple. Kindred is an ad-free print magazine, published seasonally, with no literary or political manifesto other than our belief in the importance of living a life worth telling.

Upcoming Issue Themes and Deadlines:
:: Issue 2: Sow (Friday, March 1, 2013)
:: Issue 3: Tend (Friday, May 31, 2013)
:: Issue 4: Harvest (Friday, September 6, 2013)
:: Issue 5: Nest (Friday, December 6, 2013)
:: Issue 6: Theme TBA (Friday, January 31, 2014)
:: Issue 7: Theme TBA (Friday, May 2, 2014)
:: Issue 8: Theme TBA (Friday, August 1, 2014)
:: Issue 9: Theme TBA (Friday, October 31, 2014)

Submission details can be found here.

Thank you, Amanda, for sending this collaborative collection of work out into the world for people to enjoy. You done good, friend!

*Learn more about Amanda in an interview she shared last year here at 52 Photos Project!

Bon Weekend!

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Karen D said...

one of my favorite magazines to enjoy with a cup of tea..