April 29, 2013

Photo Interview: Tracey Duncan

Today is a first in a yearlong series of interviews here at 52 Photos Project. You will meet one new photographer every month until the end of our third year. I have asked each of the photographers to choose five photo prompts that we've had here in the last two years and to share a photo related to that prompt.

This month, our featured guest is Tracey Duncan. Here are the prompts that she chose and her perspective for each of those prompts!

Nourish:  This photo was taken at a local Safari. There were Peacocks everywhere!

In the GardenFlowers from bulbs my grandma gave me over seven years ago! I'm still amazed each spring when they rise up from Mama Earth. Such a beautiful reminder of her spirit.

Ray of LightI adore the sky, particularly all shades of her blue. The sun produced a neat pinkish swirly image in this capture.

Get Really CloseAh, this is my favorite blooming tree which happens to be in my front yard. I cherish this little tree and the few weeks it produces these gorgeous lilac blooms. Every year I dance around, dodging all the busy bees that swarm the tree just so I can take another 20 shots of is glory, while it lasts.

Look UP (buttercup)Another safari picture. This guy! I was shooting into the sun so I couldn't really tell what he was doing until I got home and downloaded them. Ha! What I remembered as licking his lips translated into him sticking his tongue at me. Quite funny!

What has been your favorite photo prompt so far?  My favorite photo prompt so far was "A different path" because it evoked a sense of adventure for us to seek a new way and open up to what treasures we may find. When I feel stuck creatively or otherwise, trying something new or going somewhere new is my usually go-to remedy. I find it helps to clear away the mental muck and allows fresh energy to flow in. Thank you darling Bella! Thank you for your ongoing inspiration and for fostering the amazing 52 Photos Project community. You brighten my life and the lives of so many others! Much love to you!

Bio: Tracey Duncan, founder of B.E.S.T. Life Advocacy, empowers kindhearted, spirit-centered women to find freedom from what's blocking their bold, elated, sacred, true self so that they can give the best of themselves to their loved ones and the world. 

You are invited to sign up for your free guide "224 Ways to Enrich Your Life!" while it is still available. I welcome you to visit: http://www.traceyleeduncan.com/b-e-s-t-life-advocacy/

In joyful service, Tracey

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