September 25, 2013

Gallery 23 {in the circle}

There is a perfectly carved circle in my yard where the swimming pool once stood. It's become our dog playing / training area. I love teaching my puppy new tricks & commands. My husband snapped this shot yesterday. It was a breezy, cool, fall afternoon and we definitely got our play on!

*Remember: on the circle, around the circle, in the circle ~ there are no strict rules here.

I'm thinking it's time for some more artist spotlight photos!! Look out for those on Friday :) There is a photo interview this Friday!! Check in for that!

Welcome new players! Feel free to join us - even @ week 23. If you're playing along on instagram, tag your photos #52photosproject. Follow for news and updates on Twitter & Facebook. After linking up here, add your photo to the flickr gallery where you can upload an unlimited amount of theme related photos.

Thank you for being here, for showing up & sharing your work.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Intersting consept though I doubt I have any thing I could use.

Bella Cirovic said...

Hi Bill ~ I know some of these prompts can be challenging, but keep an open mind and see what you come across this week. The gallery will be open until next Tuesday evening :) Thank you for stopping by. said...

Wonderful place to play with your adorable dog! Thanks for hosting- discovered so many circles when I started to look!

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Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love circles. Blessings!