October 25, 2015

Week 26 :: Prompt

There has been a huge spike in the web traffic on this blog, so to anyone here that is new, I'd like to say welcome + please feel free to join us!

*All the info you need to get started is located up in the navigation bar (how it started, about, etc.)

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Every Sunday I post a reminder of what our prompt will be for the next Wed - Wed posting cycle. October has been about getting ourselves in the shot.  I chose these themes because it is my birthday month (the 27th woo, hoo) and because I want to celebrate YOU!

We will begin {Me + My Shadow} on Wed, 10/28.
We are still working on {My Reflection in a Window}

tag your photos #52photosproject

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1 comment:

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

This month has been fun, great prompts. Still not a fan of instagram, but you know I am doing it........for you.